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World Cup 5's

5-a-side Football Tournament


Huish Leisure World Cup 5’s Football Tournament

Rules & Regulations

Huish Leisure’s 5-a-side tournament is a one-day football tournament using traditional 5-a-side rules. We will be using official size 5 footballs and fixtures will follow the official 2018 World Cup fixtures. Captains will pull a countries name from the hat to determine their fixtures. This will take place at 9.30am.

Rules and Regulations

·         All players must be 16 years+ on the day of the tournament

·         Players can only play for 1 team throughout the tournament

·         Each team is allowed a maximum of 7 players

·         Each team must wear matching team colours

·         Each game will last for 20 minutes

·         Huish Leisure strongly advises you wear shin pads during your games. Any injuries that result in shin pads not being worn, Huish Leisure cannot be held responsible.

·         Huish Leisure strongly advises goalkeepers wear appropriate gloves. Any injuries that result in appropriate goalkeeping gloves not being worn, Huish Leisure cannot be held responsible.

·         Games will start on time. Any team that does not turn up or turn up on time will automatically lose 1-0 and will subsequently forfeit the 3 points.

·         Games will last for 20 minutes on a rolling clock which will run from the referee’s watch.

·         If both teams are wearing the same coloured shirts, then bibs will be provided

·         Goals can be scored with any part of the body except hands and arms.

·         Kick ins will be used rather than Throw-ins.

·         No off sides.

·         5 players for each team must be on the pitch at any one time.

·         Unlimited amount of roll on, roll off substitutions.

·         Substitutions can only be made when either goalkeeper has the ball.

·         Subs are to wait on the side of the pitch.

·         Football Boots to be worn. (please look at the Footwear Guide)

·         The goalkeeper can distribute the ball by any method.

·         Pass backs to the keeper cannot be picked up nor touched by the keeper with his hands.

·         The goal keeper has 6 seconds to distribute the ball from both dead starts and pass backs from penalty area from either feet or hands.

·         Goals can be scored from anywhere on the pitch.

·         Each player must play for one team only.

·         Free kick – defending team must at least 2 meter back from where the ball is placed.

·         Normal scoring and league points apply. 3 = Win, 1 = Draw, 0 = Loss.

·         Team captains are responsible for the actions of all the team players

·         You must inform Huish Leisure and the referee of any medical conditions prior to the match start time.

·         Team captain must be present for every fixture.

·         Huish Leisure Centre cannot be held responsible for damage or theft of items left in the changing rooms. Lockers are available at the Leisure Centre

·         FA Small Sided Football, Laws of the Game, apply to Huish Leisure 5-a-side football tournament. Changes have been made to suit the facilities and the league. Huish Leisure will review any changes to the laws of the game.


·         Red Card (major offence such as fighting or abusive behaviour) The referee will send off that player for the remainder of the tournament.

·         If red cards are issued the team plays a man down for the rest of that game.

·         Yellow Card (normal rules apply).

·         Foul language is strongly discouraged. – Please be aware that Huish Leisure is a multi-use facility used by the whole community. Continuous foul language will result in the whole team being asked to leave the facilities.

Cancellation & Refund

·         Closing dates for cancellations is Sunday 12th August 2018.

·         Cancellations before this date will be entitled to a full refund.

·         Cancellations after this date will not be entitled to a refund.

·         In the event of bad weather, the tournament will be postponed to the following week.

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Huish Leisure World Cup 5's Football Tournament