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BBC News Report

BBC News Report


On Thursday 15th March, a group of 20 students from Years 7-12 took part in the BBC’s national School Report news event, which gives young people a chance to develop their media literacy skills and produce their own stories about subjects that matter to them.

Students worked in teams of 5, overseen by Year 12 team leaders Eve, Lauren, Jack, Laura, Andrea and Emily.

The student teams were assigned a main feature for the day, as well as a special feature project. They worked tirelessly to produce reports not just in print form, but as podcasts and short video bulletins as well.

The environmental affairs team reported on the increasing problem of plastic waste, and produced a weather report for our area. The local news team reported on the effects of social media on young people, as well as providing a round-up of school news. The national news team responded to breaking news by covering the legacy of Stephen Hawking, as well as tackling the hot issue of ‘fake news’.

The student team comprised: Rebecca; Cissie; Charlie; Maddy; Ashley; Jack; Tom; Freya; Bethany; Kenny; Rosie; Beth; Sophia; Flynt and Jake, who proved to be a very hard-working and organised Editor. The official photographer was Ella.

A special mention must go to Mr McGinn for his technical support, without which the podcasts and video reports would not have been possible. In addition, kind thanks to Mrs Caufield who generously offered the Library as a base for the day. And not forgetting the IT support team who helped the students throughout the day with the inevitable technical issues.

 Of course, you will want to see for yourselves what the students produced: do visit to see what they accomplished.

It is a testament to the enthusiasm of this group of students that they hope to continue meeting throughout the year, covering more school news as it happens, and preparing for BBC School Report 2019.

Miss H Donnellan and Ms R Niro

English & Media team



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