Huish Leisure


COVID Return


From Saturday 25th July you will be able to access the leisure facilities for the first time since our forced closure on 21st March.

All memberships will be re-started from the 1st September 2020. This means that the first 5 weeks of re-opening, all customers will be pay as you go customers. For those who wish to use the facilities twice a week or more, we have created a re-start promotion to cover all available activities up to 29th August.

Annual Members
You will have the total time of closure plus the 5 additional weeks, added onto your membership. You will gain full access to your annual memberships from 1st September.

Flexi Members
You will have the remaining days of your membership re-started from 1st September.

Direct Debit Members
Because we took the April DD payment, those who did not request a refund and still have a live DD account, will be able to use their membership from 1st September. No money will come from your account and your first payment will be on 1st October 2020. Those who requested a refund will have to re-join as new members from 1st September. 

Re-start Promotion
We are offering all customers a 5 week promotion for £25. That is £5 per week for access to gym, swimming and exercise classes. You can access the facility a maximum of twice per day.

Pay As You Go Prices per session

Gym Session - £5 standard / £4 concession
Swimming (Lane) - £4.20 Adult Standard / £3.70 Adult Concession / £3.20 Junior
Swimming (Bubble) - £15
Exercise Classes - £4.70 standard / £3.70 concession