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Ladies Tri Training

Ladies Tri Training is starting Thursday 1st August. These sessions with Max are great for building your confidence and fitness ready for the event. He will also help to improve the skills needed to continue your Triathlon journey. 

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NEW Fitness Suite Timetable

A helpful guide to inform you when the Fitness Suite is open and when there are scheduled sessions used by the Academy students. During these scheduled times there will be no public access to the Fitness Suite.

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NEW Pool Programme

Download a programme today or pick up your own copy from Huish Leisure. Remember to check swimming pool ratios and times before coming to swim at Huish Leisure.

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NEW Class Timetable

Take a look at our class programme for 2019. Remember you can book your classes online. Call Huish Leisure to receive your unique pin number.

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Walking Netball

Walking Netball is a slowed down version of the game of netball, designed for anyone looking to exercise in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

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