Huish Sixth

Duke of Edinburgh Silver expedition


Huish Sixth students successfully took on the Black Mountains from 17 - 19 July to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition.

Braving temperatures of 30 degrees and multiple blisters students completed a three day, two night expedition which involved walking approximately 40km over a three day period and scaled heights in excess of 600 meters with fully laden rucksacks.

The weekend followed a practice weekend where students successfully completed another three day and two night walking expedition on Exmoor, which covered a similar distance. When asked at the end of the expedition 'What have you enjoyed the most about the experience,' students commented on the strong friendships that they had formed and that they had learnt how to work as team to support each other to overcome the challenges they faced. When asked, 'What one piece of advice would you give yourself before starting the expedition, knowing what you do now,' one student commented 'It's really important to tell yourself that you can do this, especially when you are thinking that you can't!'

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